How to use the Coffee Machine

The coffee machine needs to be deep cleaned once a week during a quiet period. For cleaning instructions click here.

1. Switch on the machine #

Press the “on/off” button on the right hand side of the machine near the base.

2. Check the water level #

If making the first coffee of your shift, please replace water. The water level should be no lower than 1/4 full.

The back water reservoir (on the back of the machine) can be removed by lifting in an upward motion. Use the white jug on top of the drinks fridge to fill up with water from the tap.

Return the reservoir to the back of the machine by sliding it back into place in a downward motion until it clicks and the top of the reservoir is flush with the top of the coffee machine.

3. Add ground coffee to the filter (Click Here for Hot Chocolate) #

a. Grab the black handle sticking out of the front of the machine and twist left from the “close” to the “insert” position.

b. Use the black scoop on top of the machine to add 1 level scoop of ground coffee to the filter. Use the flat end to lightly press down onto the coffee. Add another 1/2 scoop of ground coffee to the filter and press again with the flat end of the scoop.

c. Return the filter to the machine by pushing upwards from the “insert” position and twisting right to the “close” position. Please note: If the filter handle will not fully rotate to the “close” position, too much coffee has been added to the filter.

4. Add syrup to the cup (if applicable) #

Add 2 teaspoons of syrup to the bottom of the cup before filtering coffee into the cup.

5. Place cup onto metal tray under the filter #

6. Press the button on the top-front of the machine with the “2 cups” icon #

7. Wait for the machine to finish the cycle. #

How to froth the milk (Latte) #

Latte and Cappuccino are both similar as the contain frothed/steamed milk. As we are not a coffee shop and the machine tends to froth AND steam the milk, just ask the customer if the want Hot Water (Americano) or Hot frothed milk (Latte).

1. Fill metal jug #

Use the metal hug with the thermometer and fill with milk almost to the top of the thermometer indent.

2. Press the steam button #

The steam button on the top-far right with the “steam” icon will flash until it is ready to use. If it stays solid, then it is at the required temperature.

3. Start the steam wand #

The steam wand will spit water before steaming, place the spare white jug under the wand and push the silver lever on the right of the machine down. After a few spits of boiling water, the wand will emit steam.

4. Put the steam wand into the milk #

Placing the steam wand deeper into the milk will create hot milk without froth. If you pull the wand just below the surface of the milk (you will hear a bubbling noise when switched steaming), the milk will be frothier.

5. Watch the temperature gauge #

The temperature gauge on the side of the jug will begin to rise after 15-20 seconds. Once it reaches 60-70°c push the silver lever on the right of the machine up to stop the frothing wand

6. Clean steam wand #

Once you have removed the wand from the milk jug, turn the steam wand on for a quick 1-2 second blast and wipe with cloth.

How to produce hot water (Americano/Tea) #

We will eventually get a hot water purifier for instant hot water, however in the meantime you can produce hot water using the following method.

1. Prep the machine #

Make sure the machine is not in “steam mode” by checking the steam icon is not lit. If it is, reset the machine by switching it off and on again using the main switch on the right hand base of the machine.

2. Place cup under the steam wand #

3. Push the silver lever on the right of the machine down #

The hot water will fill up the cup, its slow but it’s the best we can do while avoiding finding space for a kettle.

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