How to Manually Add Free Credits to a Client’s Profile

Credits can be manually added from the Credit section of a Clients profile

  1. Navigate to the User who’s profile you wish to add credits too.
  2. Select the tab that says ‘X Credits’ (x being the users current number of credits)
  3. Click the “Add Credits” button on the right of the page
  4. After the new credit pack appears, edit it to specify what it can be used for and for what date range, if applicable using the “Edit” button on the credit pack.
  5. Click ‘Save’. (If you choose not to edit the pack and wish to keep the defaults, you must select ‘Save Changes’ on that page before navigating away, or your changes will be lost.)

Difference between Manually added credits & Purchasing a Credit Pack #

When you manually add a credit pack to a clients profile, they will not be charged for this. It is a great way to reward clients and give them a free class to use. These credits are not tied to any membership. Manually added credits still appear in the Active Credit Report in the Report section. 

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