Owed Membership Form

Although we are a new business, we promised those who had made payments to the previous owner, before the gym closed, would have their owed membership honoured, as well as an additional 1 month of free membership as compensation.

Please use the instructions below to claim your owed membership no later than 31 July 2023.

1. Register A New Account

As we are a new business, we have a new gym management system. This means your old account logins will no longer be active. Please register below using the same name/email as before so we can match it with our records.

2. Fill In Confirmation Form

Once you have registered, we need a quick notification so that we can add any owed credits and match the information with our records.

3. Wait for Confirmation

Wait for an email confirmation that we have added your credits. Once your credits have been added you will be able to select your membership option without being charged.