Induction Opt-Out Waiver

It is formally noted that you have opted out of induction training and will undertake to consult staff on an ongoing basis in manned hours in relation to the safe use of our facilities and equipment and that you accept responsibility for your own wellbeing during unmanned hours. This Club recognises the importance of every new member undergoing our induction training. This is carefully designed to ensure that the individual is made aware of the facilities and equipment on offer and in particular is given advice in the safe use of our facilities and equipment. We strongly recommend each new member to undergo our induction training. It is hereby noted that notwithstanding our clear advice, you are a confident and experienced gym user and have made an informed decision not to undertake induction training. In these circumstances the Club will allow you to use the facilities, provided that you seek advice from a member of staff if you are in any way unfamiliar with a particular piece of equipment or type of exercise. *